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"Deep Sea"
Couture Collection
Spring - Summer '24

The collection “Deep Sea” is inspired by the sea and the sea shells as a symbol of life, protection, resilience and dreams. It is a symphony of textures and colours and unveils a narrative that seamlessly intertwines with the fashion house's legacy. From the shimmering silver hues that mirror the moon's gentle caress on the waves, to the serene blue, gold,
purple, yellow and pink, each piece is a tribute to the undulating beauty of the sea. Aqua and coral hues evoke the play of light on the water's surface, capturing the essence of a sunlit Mediterranean afternoon. Luxurious silk, organza, ethereal taffeta, meticulously chosen and expertly crafted by the Greek “Couturier to the stars”, embody the timeless
spirit of Greek craftsmanship while embracing the fluidity of contemporary design.

Take a look at the backstage of the fashion show. Many celebrities were there to honor the designer.
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