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The flower, a Visionaire documentary

Want To See How A Couture Wedding Dress Is Made? Watch This!

VISIONAIRE founder James Kaliardos says, “Celia’s obsession with the details of the feminine, meticulously designed into her couture clothing, is both nostalgic and futuristic.

She is like Greek Royalty! We met in Athens at her home near the Acropolis and after experiencing her family and chic surroundings I knew I had to make this film. She is expanding the global reach of couture. The couture house where Celia creates was established in 1906 and the business has remained in her family across generations. Celia grew up surrounded by seamstresses and visiting the Paris Couture with her mother, so her understanding of design has been nurtured since those early childhood years. This French experience and her own classic Greek beauty and heritage is what I love about her clothing.”


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